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The fountains and water feature in the open park area in the centre of Osno Lubuskie.

Lubuskie is the smallest in terms of population of 16 provinces in Poland. Although very much a rural and forested region Lubuskie includes the cities of Gorzow Wielkopolski and Zielona Gora, and towns such as Drezdenko, Gubin, Kostrzyn nad Odrą, Kożuchów, Krosno Odrzańskie, Lubsko; Międzyrzecz, Nowa Sól, Słubice, Strzelce Krajeńskie, Sulechów, SulecinSwiebodzin, Szprotawa, Wschowa, Żagań, and Żary. Must-see locations include: Lagow, Lubniewice, and the Jewish cemetery in Skwierzyna.

lubuskie poland

A church and fire station in a village in Lubuskie, Poland. The ancient Volvo 240 and children are ours!

Some facts related to Lubuskie:
- The name Lubuskie stems from the town of Lebus, which is located across the River Oder / Odra in Brandenburg, Germany. Indeed in the German language the whole province of Lubuskie is known as Lebus.
- Present-day Lubuskie consists of the historically German provinces of East Brandenburg / Neumark, Lower Silesia, Posen / Greater Poland, and Niederlausitz.
- Around half of Lubuskie is covered by forest. The largest percentage of forest cover of any Polish province.
- The province has a population of just over one million. The largest city being Gorzów with around 125,000 inhabitants.

Lubuskie Lebus

One of many lakes in Lubuskie. This in Lubniewice, the smallest town in Poland.

Lubuskie is bordered by the German province of Brandenburg and the Polish provinces of Western Pomerania (Zachodniopomorskie); Lower Silesia (Dolnośląskie), and Wielkopolskie.

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Lubuskie province Lebus

The province of Lubuskie shown on a map showing Poland divided into its 16 provinces.

Selected villages covered by the Polish Poland website in the province of Lubuskie / Lebus: Bledzew; Chycina; Zdroisko.

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