Meekow / Miechow

meekow Miechów

An old picture postcard featuring three different views of Meekow / Miechów, near Zielenzig / Sulęcin, c.1911.

Here we have three old picture postcards of the small village of Meekow / Miechów in present-day Poland. Miechów is located near the towns of Lubniewice and Sulęcin in the province of Lubuskie in the far west of Poland.

Meekow Miechów

An old image of a guest house in Meekow, in what was East Brandenburg / Neumark, Germany. Mailed in 1912.

Miechów meekow

Miechów / Meekow neumark, on an old multiview postcard, c.1919.

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