Międzychód  rynek

A communist-era photograph of the Rynek (Market Square) area of Międzychód, Poland, c.1965.

A sample of the images we have in our picture archive of the small town of Międzychód in the western part of the province of Wielkopolskie, Poland. These images all date back to the communist period (1946-1990).

Międzychód wielkopolskie

The museum on ulica 17 Stycznia in Międzychód, Wielkopolskie, Poland, c.1970.

Some things you might not know about Miedzychod:
- Until the end of the First World War, Miedzychod, was called Birnbaum (pear tree).
- There are around 100 lakes in the Miedzychod area.
- The population of Miedzychod was at the last census just over 10,000.

Międzychód polska

Another photograph of ulica 17 Stycznia, Międzychód, Greater Poland, c.1981. Note the Fiat 125p and Syrena cars.

- Międzychód was during the communist period and before something of a railway hub with railway lines connecting Międzychód with Skwierzyna, Sulęcin, Rzepin, Sierakow, Lewiczynek, and beyond. Unfortunately, trains currently now only run during the summer months. A rather good parade of steam locomotives, was, however, organised earlier this year.

Międzychód prl

An old communist-era picture of the Rynek (Market Square), Międzychód , c.1981.

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