prince mieszko poland

A 50 zloty coin from 1979 featuring Mieszko the 1st.

Mieszko was the ruler of the ‘Polans’ from about 960 until his death in 992. He is generally considered to be the creator of the Polish state and the first Christian ruler of Poland.


Mieszko I and his wife Dobrawa on Polish postage stamps issued in 1986.

Three things you might not know about Mieszko:
- The name Mieszko is probably a diminutive of Mieczysław.
- At the end of his rule, Mieszko I left his sons a territory at least twice the size of what he had inherited from his father. This extra territory included large parts of Silesia, Western Pomerania, and probably Lesser Poland including Kraków.
- Mieszko was the Grandfather of Cnut the Great / Canute, king of Denmark, England, Norway and parts of Sweden.

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