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A photograph of Jews and Poles on ulica Płocka in Mława, c.1909. Note the Russian language sign.

Information on and images of Mlawa / Mława in the province of Mazowieckie, north-east Poland.

jewish mlawa

An early 1900s photograph of a Jewish dominated market on Ulica Warszawska, Mlawa, Poland.

mlawa jews

Another animated street scene. This time people on ulica Niborska, Mlawa, Poland, c.1914.

Some things you may not know about Mława:
- A great plague devastated Mlawa in 1661 / 1662 and again between 1708 and 1712.
- Around 6,500 of the Jews of Mlawa were killed between 1940 and 1942.
- Anna Tomaszewicz-Dobrska, the first Polish woman to practice as a medical doctor was born in Mlawa.
- A bugle call rings out from the tower of the 18th century Town Hall every day at midday.

mlawa polen

Russian soldiers being escorted by German soldiers in the Rynek (Market) area in Mlawa, Poland, c.1916.

More facts related to Mława:
- There are two railway stations in Mława. There were also, until the 1990s, two narrow gauge railways.
- Pope John Paul II was awarded the title of Honorary Citizen of Mława by the town council in 2003.
- The largest factory in Mława produces LG television and other electronic products.
- Official figures put the population at just under 31,000 in 2014.

mlawa prl communist

A communist-era (PRL) photograph of Stary Rynek in Mlawa, Poland. This image dates back to 1974.

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