Mogwitz / Breitenfeld / Makowice

Images of and information on Makowice in Poland

Mogwitz Makowice

An early picture postcard in Makowice (Mogwitz), c.1898.

Makowice (former: Mogwitz, Breitenfeld) is a small village in the Skoroszyce area of the province of Opole, in the south-west of Poland.

mogwitz makowice bielenfeld

An old postcard of Makowice (Mogwitz) mailed in 1912 to the large city of Opole / Oppeln.

Good to know:

- In late 14th century documents Makowice is referred to as Mocowitz and Makowitz.
- In 1936 Makowice as it has been known since 1945, was renamed Breitenfeld, having been called Mogwitz, until then. This renaming was an attempt to present a thoroughly German image for the village, which had always had something of a mixed Polish / German ethnic makeup.

mogwitz makowice poland bielenfeld

Three different photographs of Makowice (Mogwitz), Upper Silesia, c.1914. Includes a guesthouse, machine factory and hospital.

You might also be interested to know:

- in 1939 Makowice had a population of 873.
- Around 500 people currently live in Makowice.

mogwitz makowice grottkau

A vintage picture postcard of Makowice / Mogwitz, mailed to Wolsztyn / Wollstein in 1925.

Makowice is located 15 kilometres (9 miles) south of the larger towns of Grodków (former: Grottkau) and 10 kms (6 miles) northwest of Nysa (Neisse).

mogwitz bielenfeld

Part of a map from 1933 showing Mogwitz (Breitenfeld / Makowice) and the immediate surrounding area.

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