Mohrin / Moryń

Mohrin / Moryn Through Time

mohrin neumark

An early 1900s photograph of Der Spittelberg in Mohrin Neumark, now Chopina Fryderyka Street, Moryn, Poland.

A selection of images from our picture archive of the small town of Mohrin / Moryń, western Pomerania.

mohrin moryn

A scan of an old picture postcard featuring the market square in Mohrin Nm / Moryn. Posted in 1907.

Some things you might not know about Moryń:
- Until 1945 Moryn was named Mohrin and part of Germany.
- During World War Two, Moryń was inhabited by 1227 people. It was a flourishing spot with a post office, primary school, pharmacy, two doctors, a dentist, two inns, two bakeries, several shops, a distillery, water mill and a windmill.
- There is a long-standing local legend about a giant lobster-like animal supposedly living in the lake!

mohrin nm

A photograph of the memorial and housing in the Market Square of Mohrin / Moryn, c.1911.

- Large parts of the early fifteenth century city walls still remain.
- The ruins of a fourteenth-century castle can be seen just outside Moryn.
- Mohrin / Moryn currently has a population of around 1,600.

moryn poland

A photograph of the lake in Moryn, western Pomerania, Poland, c.1969.

Moryń is today located in the south-western part of the West Pomeranian (zachodniopomorskie) province of western Poland.


A communist-era picture of the ‘Pod Wielkim Rakiem’ restaurant in Moryn, west Pomerania, Poland, c.1984.

See also: old images of the nearby town of Mieszkowice.

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