Morrn Warthe / Murzynowo

Murzynowo Morrn

Three views of Murzynowo / Morrn, c.1927. Includes: Manor house, church and Paul Koch’s shop.

A sample of three picture postcards we have in our family archive of the village of Murzynowo (former: Morrn an der Warthe), Lubuskie, western Poland.

Murzynowo Morrn

Four more photographs of Murzynowo / Morrn as it looked in early 1930. Cement works and street scenes.

Three things you may not know about Murzynowo:

- Murzynowo is a village with a population of around 900.
- Murzynowo is situated near to the River Warta (Warthe).
- The early 19th century neoclassical manor house is now the village school.

Murzynowo Morrn an der warthe

Four more photos of Murzynowo / Morrn an der Warthe in 1930. Includes a photo of the railway station.

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