Myślibórz  soldin

A photograph of ulica Wyszyńskiego in Myślibórz (former Soldin), Poland, c.1965.

A selection of post-war images of the small town of Myslibórz (former: Soldin) in the far west of Poland.

mysliborz kini polska

The Kino Slonce (cinema) in Mysliborz, western Poland, c.1965.

Some things you may not know about Myślibórz:
- Prior to 1945 Myślibórz was called Soldin and part of the German province of Neumark.
- Mysliborz is now part of the province of Zachodniopomorskie (Western Pomerania).
- The closest large city to Mysliborz is Gorzów, which is about 35 km south-east.
- Mysliborz has a population of just over 11,000.


Socialist-era housing and part of the medieval city walls in Mysliborz, c.1970.

An interactive map of the Myślibórz area of Zachodniopomorsie (Westrn Pomerania).

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