Namslau / Namysłów

Namysłów namslau

A panorama of Namysłów / Namslau as featured on an old postcard mailed in 1933.

This week we are putting online three digital scans from our collection of old images of Poland. All the old picture postcards are of town of Namysłów (former Namslau) in Upper Silesia before World War Two. All focus on the area around the Haselbach Brauerei / Haselbach Brewery in the centre of the town.

Namyslow namslau

An old image of one of the buildings of the Browar Haselbach complex, c.1913.

Some random Namysłów related trivia and information:
- The Town Hall dates back to 1374 and has a 57 metre high tower.
- The architect Ludwig Schneider was born in Namyslow / Namslau in 1855.
- Namyslow was called Namslau and part of Germany up until 1945.
- The Red Army took Namyslow (Namslau) on 21st January 1945.
- As well as the famous Browar Namysłów (brewery), established in 1862, there is a large Nestle ice-cream factory located in the town.
- The present-day population of Namyslow is around 16,000. This compares with a population of just over 8,000 when the town was part of Germany in 1939.

Haselbach Brauerei namslau

The Haselbach Brauerei / Haselbach Brewery and Protestant Church in Namslau / Namyslow, Silesia, c.1912.

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