Neisse / Nysa

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An old postcard of the ‘Ring’ in Nysa (Neisse), Upper Silesia, c.1939.

Nysa (former: Neisse) is a town in the Opole province in the southwest of Poland. It lies on the Nysa Kłodzka river and has a population of around 43,000.

neisse nysa

A photograph of a busy ulica Wrocławska in Nysa (Neisse), c.1942.

Good to know:
- Nysa is historically part of Upper Silesia.
- The biochemist and Nobel prizewinner Konrad Emil Bloch was born in Nysa.
- Nicolaus Copernicus (Mikołaj Kopernik) once lived in Nysa.

neisse nysa

The old town hall building in the Rynek (Market Square) area of Nysa (Neisse), c.1942.

Neisse to Nysa

The German history of Neisse / Nysa ended in March 1945 when the city was taken by the Soviet army. Although, most of the buildings managed to survive pretty much intact the battle between German and Russian armies, the historic centre of the city was, following its capture, burnt to the ground by drunken Red Army soldiers. As a result more than 60% of Neisse / Nysa was destroyed. Any surviving German population was expelled and following the defeat of Germany and decisions made by the victorious powers the entire area was transferred from Germany to Poland. And the name of the city was changed from Neisse to Nysa.

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