Neudamm / Debno

Neudamm Dębno

A picture postcard of the railway station in Neudamm / Dębno by moonlight, c.1900.

A sample of the many images we have of Dębno in the province of Western Pomerania, Poland.

Neudamm debno lubuskie

A photographic image of the main market square (Rynek) area of Neudamm / Debno Lubuskie, c.1921.

Some things you may not know about Debno.
- For many years from the middle of the thirteenth century Debno was owned by the Knights Templar and the Knights of St. John.
- During the Thirty Years War (1618-1648) much of the town was destroyed by fire.
- Prior to 1945 Dębno was called Neudamm (in der Neumark) and part of Germany.
- Debno is now part of the Polish province of Zachodniopomorskie (Western Pomerania).
- A railway line connects Dębno with Kostrzyn and Myslibórz.
- Some of Poland’s largest deposits of oil and natural gas can be found around Debno.
- Debno is located around 35 kilometres (21 miles) west of the large city of Gorzow Wielkopolski.
- The present-day population of Debno is approximately 13,500.

Dębno  lubuskie

A communist-era photograph of ulica Armii Krajowej in Dębno, Poland. c.1971.

An interactive map of the Debno area of Western Pomerania (Pommern), Poland.

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