Neudorf / Nowa Wieś


An old pre-war multiview postcard of Nowa Wies (former: Neudorf). Posted in 1929 to Frankfurt an der Oder.

Here we present a selection of images from our archive and photographs taken on a recent wander around the village of Nowa Wieś (former Neudorf), near Skwierzyna (Schwerin) in Lubuskie, Poland. Look closely at the images and you will see some of the changes that have taken in Nowa Wies through time.

Neudorf Nowa Wies

Four 1930s photographs of Nowa Wies (Neudorf), near Skwierzyna (Schwerin an der Warthe) / Bledzew (Blesen).

Some things you may not know about Nowa Wieś:

- Nowa Wieś has a population of around 600 people.
- The local church is dedicated to St. Nicholas and dates back to the 1760s.
- An unrestored 19th century manor house (schloss / palac) can be seen in Nowa Wieś.
- Neudorf (the German pre-war name for the village) and Nowa Wieś mean the same in English – ‘New Village’

See also our page about nearby Bledzew.

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