Nowa Sól

Communist-era Nowa Sól

Nowa Sól Lubuskie

Barges in the port area on the river Oder / Odra in Nowa Sól, c.1966.

A selection of archive images of Nowa Sól (former Neusalz Oder) in Lubuskie, western Poland.

nowa sol

Wyzwolenia Street in Nowa Sol. Lubuskie, Poland, c.1966,

nowa sol

Shops and apartments on Zjednoczenia Street in Nowa Sol, Poland, c.1968.

Nowa sol Neusalz Oder

Plac Wyzwolenia. Nowa Sol, Poland, c.1974.

Nowa Sol is located on the Odra / Oder River and has a population of around 40,000.

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