Oegnitz / Ownice

ownice ognitz

A beautiful old lithographic picture postcard of the mill, church and main street in Ownice (Ognitz), c.1899.

Ownice (former: Oegnitz) is a small village with a population of around 295 in the county of Sulecin (Zielenzig) in the province of Lubuskie, western Poland.

ownice oegnitz neumark

Four views of Ownice / Oegnitz Nm on a picture postcard dating back to the early 1920s.

Interesting little-known facts about Ownice:
- The church was built in 1867 and originally Protestant.
- Ownice is located around six kilometres south-east of Słońsk (Sonnenberg).
- Until 1945, Ownice was called Oegnitz / Ognitz and part of Ostbrandenburg, Germany.
- Soviet troops entered and took control of Ownice on the 3rd February 1945.

oegnitz ownice

An old picture postcard of pre-war Ownice (Oegnitz Nm). Posted to Landsberg an der Warthe in 1933.

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