Oels / Oleśnica

oels Oleśnica

Matejki Jana (Marienstrasse) in Oleśnica (Oels), c.1939.

Four old images of the town of Oleśnica (former: Oels) in Lower Silesia (Niederschlesien) in the southwest of Poland. All photographs were taken between 1939 and 1945 when Olesnica was called Oels and part of Germany.

oels olesnica 1939

An archive photograph of Ulica 3 Maja in Olesnica (Oels) in what was Schesien, sometime in late 1939.

Five things you may like to know about Olesnica
- Oleśnica is approximately 29 kms northeast of Wroclaw (Breslau).
- The German composer Carl Heinrich Zöllner was born in Olesnica.
- Oleśnica is famous for its 16th century Renaissance castle.
- Olesnica currently has a population of just under 40,000.
- The German and Prussian Crown Prince Wilhelm had a castle in Olesnica. And over 10,000 hectares of workable land south of the town.

oels olesnica

The central market square area of Olesnica (Oels) as it looked in early 1940.

oels olesnica

Cars parked outside Bahnhofshotel on Reja Mikołaja in Olesnica (Oels), c.1941.

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