Prisoner of War Camp in Woldenberg

Woldenburg Oflag POW camp

Four different photographs of the Oflag P.O.W camp in Woldenberg NM, now Dobiegniew. Click image to enlarge.

A scan of a very rare postcard from the Oflag II C Prisoner of War (POW) camp in Woldenberg Neumark, Germany, since 1945, Dobiegniew, Lubuskie, Poland.

polish pow woldenberg poland

A stamp made by a Polish prisoner of war at Woldenberg Oflag. This one with the text ‘Happy Christmas’ in Polish.

Oflag II C Prisoner of War (POW) camp in Woldenberg was built to house Polish Army officers. It was a large complex consisting of brick and wooden buildings and at different times housed between 500 and 2,000 prisoners of war. Around the camp were eight watchtowers with light and heavy machine guns and searchlights. Different parts of the camp were also separated from one another by barbed wire fencing.  There is a small museum on the site today, which is well worth a visit.

wolden lager oflag

One of many different stamps produced by Polish army officers held at the Oflag IIC in Woldenberg NM.

See also our page with more pictures of pre-war Woldenberg / Dobiegniew.

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