Ohlau / Olawa

ohlau olawa

An old lithographic picture postcard of Olawa (former: Ohlau) in Lower Silesia, c.1899

Four more old images from our extensive picture archive of all things Polish and Poland related! Here the town of Oława, in Lower Silesia, south west Poland.

ohlau olawa bahnhof

A steam train at the small railway station (kleinbahnhof) in Olawa / Ohlau, Silesia, c.1925.

Four random facts about Oława
- Olawa (Ohlau) was once well known as a centre of tobacco-growing.
- The German explorer Hermann Eberhard was born in the town in 1852.
- Until 1945 Olawa was called Ohlau and part of Prussia, Germany.
- The population of Oława currently numbers around 32,500.

ohlau olawa hotel

Cars outside Daze’s Hotel in the Market Square (Rynek) in Olawa (Ohlau), Lower Silesia, c.1941.

Oława ohlau schesien

A bird eye view of the centre of Oława (Ohlau in Schlesien), c.1941.

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