Oleszna / Langenoels

Oleszna langenoels

An old lithographic picture potcard of Oleszna (German name: Langenoels). c.1900.

Oleszna (former: Langenoels) is a village in Lower Silesia, south west Poland.

oleszna langenois

A view of Oleszna (formerly: Langenols) in Lower Silesia, c.1905.

oleszna langenols

An old photographic postcard featuring four different views of Oleszna (German: Langenols), c.1923.

See also: Ligota Wielka (Gross Ellguth); Łagiewniki (Heidersdorf); Niemcza (Nimptsch); Ratajno (Panthenau); Sieniawka (Lauterbach); and Słupice (Schlaupitz).

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