Parówki / Breakfast Sausages

Parówki (breakfast / hot dog) Sausages

Parówka / Parówki Sausages

Lunch – a plate of Parówka / Parówki Polish hot dog sausages served with tomato ketchup and horseradish mustard. The bread is Dark Rye Bread with Inulin. Yum!

Parówki (breakfast / frankfurter) sausages are a fast and tasty snack eaten widely in Poland. These delicious hotdog-like sausages are generally boiled in water for three or four minutes and served as seen in the photograph above. Popular brands of Parowki include: Sokołów, Krakus, and Morliny Berlinki. The name Parówka itself derives from the steam emitted when they are placed on a plate prior to eating!

Polish Parowki sausages are usually made from either finely ground pork, chicken, or turkey and pork. Our personal favourite variety are those filled with cheese and they are an important ingredient in one of our large weekend breakfasts!

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