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Liberace - Polish American. Half-Polish, half-Italian.

Liberace – a famous Polish American. Half-Polish, half-Italian.

Earlier today I heard a report on the radio that the American actor Nicholas Cage had a Polish Grandmother. This was something I was totally unaware of until then. Anyway, it got me thinking what other well-known Americans might have Polish roots. So here’s a list of notable Polish Americans I could come up with. This list is by no means comprehensive. Having never visited the US myself this list is probably rather Eurocentric. Feel free to use the comment section to add your own!

David Duchovny (the X-Files actor)- Polish Grandmother.
Peter Falk (the actor known for Columbo) – of Polish Jewish ancestry
Liberace (pianist / entertainer) – Polish Mother.
Stanley Kubrick (film director) – of Polish Jewish descent.
Charles Bukowski (writer and poet) – with roots in Danzig / Gdansk
Roger Zelazny (Science fiction writer) – Polish Father.
Bobby Vinton (singer) – Polish Father and Mother.
Richie Samobora (guitarist with Bon Jovi) – Polish Father.
Pat Benatar / Andrzejewski (singer songwriter) – Polish Father.
Loretta Swit (actress in the tv series MASH) – Polish Mother and Father.
Dick Dale (Guitarist) – Polish Mother.
Jared Padalecki (actor in tv series Supernatural) – Polish Father.
Neil Diamond (singer Songwriter) – of Polish Jewish ancestry.
Jack White (musician) – Polish mother.
Stefanie Powers (actress in the TV series Hart to Hart) – Polish Mother.
Tadeusz Kościuszko (Hero of the American Revolutionary War) – Polish.
Zbigniew Brzezinski (prominent in US politics) – Polish.
Igor Sikorsky (helicopters) – with Russian / Polish roots.
Ray Manzarek (musician in the Doors) – Polish roots.
Steven Tyler (singer with Aerosmith) – Polish Grandmother.
George Adamski (UFOs!) – full Polish ancestry.
Steve Wozniak (co-founder of Apple computers) – Father of Polish ancestry.
Maksymilian Faktorowicz / Max Factor (cosmetics) – a Polish Jew.

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