Polish Beer

Poland makes some fine beer and is Europe’s third largest beer producer. There are currently around 90 breweries in Poland, including microbreweries, but more than 80% of the beer drunk in Poland is produced by only three breweries – Zywiec, Okocim and Tyskie. Of course, these may be popular but are not necessarily the best. The country is positively awash with excellent beers. Quality Polish beers include: Zubr, Lech, Bosman, Warka, Kasztelan, Browar Lomza, and Perla Chmielowa.

polish beer

A range of great Polish beers as seen in our kitchen in Lubuskie, western Poland!

Our personal favourite brewery is ‘Browar Witnica’ a small brewery located in the small town of Witnica, close to the Polish / German border in the Lubuskie province of Western Poland. Some of their beers include: Black Boss, Boss Porter; Gorzowiak jasne miodowe (honey), Lubuskie miodowe (honey), Lubuskie naturalne, and Lubuskie zielone (green).

Polish beers

More wonderfully tasty beers awaiting consumption. We love Polish beer and it’s a hot summer this year!

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