Polish Chocolate

polish chocolates and sweet snacks

Chocolates, sweets and candy from Poland. Top makers include: Wedel, Goplana, and Wawel.

Poland produces a fine selection of chocolate and sweet snacks. Our picture features a random selection, which we regularly enjoy! We recommend any candy bar made by the Wedel or Wawel chocolate makers and classic Polish chocolate bars such as Grzeski and Jezyki by Goplana; Prince Polo by Olza / Kraft; and the Princessa chocolate bar made by Nestle in Poland. And don’t miss the delight which is Ptasie Mleczko (Bird’s Milk) – a chocolate covered marshmallow – made by Wedel.

polish chocolate candy

Four of many great Polish sweets – Grzeski gofree, Wawel Maciek toffi, Jezyki classic, and Wedel’s Aha! sesame bar.

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