Alternatywy 4

Alternatywy 4 polish comedy

Alternatywy 4 (Alternative Street) was an early 1980s Polish comedy television series based on a residential apartment block estate in Warsaw, Poland. Nine episodes of 55 minutes long were made. Each of these programmes has probably been watched many times by every adult Pole with a television. Alternatywy 4 is an absolute classic of the communist-era. Top satire! Super comedy!

Watch the first episode right here by clicking on the arrow in the middle of the image above.

Alternatywy 4 featured many fine actors including: Hanna Bieniuszewicz, Stanislawa Celinska, Anna Chitro, Bozena Dykiel, Kazimierz Kaczor, Wojciech Pokora, Witold Pyrkosz, Roman Wilhelmi, and Mieczyslaw Voit.

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