Lady Pank

lady pank

Lady Pank – perhaps the most commercially successful 1980s pop music bands to come out of Communist Poland.

Lady Pank are a popular Polish pop rock band, founded in Warsaw in 1981. The band has released over twenty albums and had many hits. Lady Pank’s best-loved songs are probably: Tancz glupia, tancz (Dance stupid, dance), Mniej niz zero (Less than zero), Wciaz bardziej obcy (More and more of a stranger), Zamki na piasku (Castles in the sand), Tacy sami (Just the same), Znowu pada deszcz (It’s raining again), Na granicy (On the Border), and Stacja Warszawa (Warsaw Station).

Here is the video of Lady Pank performing their song ‘Kryzysowa Narzeczona’ (Crisis Bride).

Core members of Lady Pank are John Borysewicz and Janusz Panasewicz.

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