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Polen Poland

It’s been five years since we started the Polish Poland website, and in that time we have added two children to our family, and due in part to their arrival, we have decided on a change. Instead of manually created webpages based on html code we are switching to the easier to update WordPress system. Using this new format it should be simpler for us to put online some of the many thousand images of Poland we have in our personal collection. These pictures include many photographed by ourselves of our everyday life and daily travels and others scanned from our own rather large collection of old and vintage pictures. In addition we’ll add many of our family’s tried and tested traditional Polish recipes; hand-picked news stories from around Poland; and much on history, culture, and travel. Our aim is to offer something to interest or even please anyone interested in Polish or Poland.

The original index page of our old website, concerned mostly with the small organic farm we run in the far west of Poland, can be found by following the link below.

Old Polish Poland


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