Polish Vodka

Vodka (wódka / gorzałka) has been produced in Poland since the early Middle Ages.

vodka bison grass poland

Żubrówka (Bison Grass Vodka) is a vodka, which is distilled from rye and includes a piece of grass in each bottle!

Some of the best Polish vodkas include Zubrowka; Luksusowa; Goldwasser; Sobieski; Chopin; Wódka Wyborowa; Konik; and Starka vodka.

polish vodka

An advert in English for Luksusowa Vodka. A brand of vodka from Poland that is distilled from potatoes.

Interesting facts related to vodka:
1 – The word vodka itself probably derives from the word for the Polish word for water.
2 – It is customary in Poland to drink vodka in small glasses in a single gulp.
3 – The first toast at many Polish weddings is with vodka. The newlyweds must then kiss to take away the bitter taste of the vodka.

Vodka related quotes:
“Vodka increases fertility and awakens lust” – Wodka lub gorzala (1614) – Jerzy Potanski.

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