Polskie Radio Trójka

I found an unusual coin amongst my spare change today. It is legal tender but not in general circulation. I guess I acquired it as change for something I bought sometime last week. It is a 2 zloty coin commemorating the 50th anniversary of the founding of our favourite Polish radio station – Trójka (the Third)!

polskie radio coin

Photographs of the front and rear of the 2 zloty coin commemorating 50 years of the Polish radio station, Trójka.

Polish Radio Three (Polskie Radio Program 3), also known as ‘Trójka’ is a radio station broadcast by the Polish public broadcaster, Polskie Radio. It is a largely a music station playing a wide variety of music from rock, alternative, jazz and to live concerts and interviews. In addition, Trojka features extended news reporting, discussion of current affairs, and short drama productions. Trojka can be listened to on FM, via satellite and online.

The station broadcasts in Polish. Listen online here.

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