Pre-Independence Suwałki

suwalki pl

An old picture postcard of the market square in Suwalki, c.1917.

Three old images showing Pre-Independence Suwałki, Poland.

Suwalki poland

Troops in the center of Suwalki during the First World War. This postcard was mailed in 1916 to Berlin.

Three facts about Suwałki in Poland.

- Suwalki is a town in the far north-east of Poland with a population of around 69,000.
- Suwałki is located about 30 kilometres from the present-day Polish – Lithuanian border.
- Between 1939 Suwalki was called Sudauen and part of the German province of East Prussia.

suwalki railway station

An old photographic postcard of a steam train and German soldiers at the railway station in Suwalki, c.1917.

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