Rawitsch / Rawicz

rawitsch posen rawicz

An early Rawitsch / Rawicz picture postcard in the form of a banknote. Posted to Posen / Poznan in 1902.

A selection of old images and information on Rawicz, Wielskopolskie, Poland.

RAwitsch rawicz windmill

A photograph of some of Rawitsch’s windmills as they looked in 1904.

rawitsch rawicz windmuehlen

An old picture postcard featuring several of the windmills in Rawitsch / Rawicz, c.1910.

Some things you may not know about Rawicz:
- Until 1919 Rawicz was called Rawitsch. And again between 1939 and 1945.
- Rawicz was invaded by German forces on the 1st September 1939 and became part of the Wartheland.
- The Soviet Red Army retook the town on the 22nd January 1945.
- The present day population of Rawicz is around 21,000.

rawitsch bahnhof rawicz

The railway station in Rawitsch / Rawicz, c.1918.

rawitsch rawicz

The German army barracks in Rawitsch / Rawicz during the Second World war.

Rawicz poland

The Rynek area of Rawicz, Wielkopolskie, Poland, c.1975.

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