Reetz / Recz

reetz recz

An old lithographic picture postcard of Reetz / Recz, c.1899.

Information on and images of the town of Recz (Reetz) in Zachodniopomorskie in Poland.

reetz recz nm

The war memorial in the main square (Rynek) in Reetz N.M / Recz, c.1905.

Some things you may not know about Recz:
- Until 1945 Recz was called Reetz and part of Germany.
- Around 70% of the town was destroyed at the end of the Second World War in the fighting between German and Soviet Red Army forces.
- Large parts of the 14th and 15th century walls and towers still exist.
- Recz has a railway station on the Szczecin, Wałcz to Piła line.
- Less than 3,000 people live in Recz.

reetz recz neumark

A photograph of Middle Street in Reetz Neumark / Reetz, c.1919.

reetz recz poland

A panorama of the Church in the middle of Reetz / Recz, c.1940.

Recz Poland

Part of the medieval city walls and gates in Recz, Western Pomerania, Poland, c.1970.

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