Reichenbach / Dzierżoniów

Dzierżoniów reichenbach schlesien

An old and rather neglected corner of Dzierżoniów (German name: Reichenbach), in Schlesien, c.1914.

Here are a selection of pre-war images from our old picture archive of the town of Dzierżoniów (former: Reichenbach) in Lower Silesia, Poland.

dzierzoniow reichenbach

An early photographic picture postcard of children in Dzierzoniow (Reichenbach) sometime in the 1920s.

Random nuggets about Dzierżoniów

- Prior to 1945 Dzierżoniów was named Reichenbach and part of Germany.
- Reichenbach was renamed Rychbach in 1945 and then changed again to Dzierżoniów in 1946.
- Dzierżoniów takes its name from the Polish priest and beekeeper Jan Dzierżon.
- The current population of the town is around 33,000.

dzierzoniow reichenbach silesia

An aerial photograph of the town hall and main square in Dzierzoniow / Reichenbach, Lower Silesia, c.1929.

More facts about Dzierżoniów

- The town was captured from the defending German forces by the Red Army on 8th May 1945.
- Thirteen beautiful and historic tenement houses forming the northern frontage of the market square were demolished in the late 1960s.
- The Pilawa River passes through Dzierżoniów.
- Dzierżoniów is around 60 kms south west of the city of Wrocław.

Dzierzoniow Reichenbach germany

What is now ulica Świdnicka and the centre of Dzierzoniow (Reichenbach), c.1933.

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