Rewahl / Rewal

Rewahl ostseebad

The Strand Hotel in Rewahl / Rewal in Pommern, c.1911.

Three images of Rewahl / Rewal through time.

Rewahl Rewal

Part of a ruined church on the edge of a cliff above the beach in Rewahl / Rewal, c.1936.

Rewal is a village in Western in north-western Poland. It is located approximately 24 kilometres north-west of the town of Gryfice, which is the administrative centre for Rewal.

Rewal, Poland

Fishing boats and holidaymakers on the beach in Rewal, Poland, c.1989.

Interesting facts about Rewal:

1 – Prior to 1945 Rewal was called Rewahl and part of Germany.
2 – The village of Rewal itself has a population of around 1,000. The wider municipality of Rewal consists of 7 villages: Niechorze, Pobierowo, Pogorzelica, Pustkowo, Rewal, Śliwin, and Trzesacz, which together number almost 3,800 inhabitants.
3 – Much of the magnificent 40 kilometre ‘seaside narrow gauge railway’ connecting Gryfice with the Baltic coast was recently restored to working order with funding secured by the municipality of Rewal.

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