Rogasen / Rogoźno

rogasen rogoźna

An old German-era lithographic postcard from Rogasen / Rogoźna, c.1899.

Rogoźno is a small town in the province of Wielkopolskie (Wielkopolska) in western Poland. It is located around 40 kilometers north north east of the city of Poznan.

rogasen Rogoźno Wielkopolskie

A photograph of part of the Old Market Square In Rogasen / Rogoźno Wielkopolskie, c.1911.

You might not know:

- Rogoźno is probably best known for the murder of King Przemysł II of Poland, which is said to have occurred in or near the town in 1296.
- Rogoźno was called Rogasen and part of Germany prior to 1919.
- Rogoźno was occupied by Germany during the Second World War and renamed Rogasen as part of the Warthegau / Wartheland.

rogasen rogozna wlkp

The railway station in Rogozna Wlkp, c.1922.

- The word Rogoźno derives from the folk name for bullrushes.
- Rogoźno is located on the River Welna, a tributary of the River Warta.
- The current population of Rogoźno is just over 11,000.

rogasen warthegau

The Town Hall on Adolf Hitler Platz in Rogasen / Warthegau during the German occupation, c.1941.

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