Rokitten / Rokitno

Three old pre-war photographs of Rokitten in the former German province of Posen / East Brandenburg. Since, 1945, the vilage has been called Rokitno and is part of the province of Lubuskie, Poland.

Rokitten Rokitno

Rokitten Lubuskie Rokitno

Rokitten Meseritz

Rokitno (Rokitten) is a village in the Skwierzyna (Schwerin) / Miedzyrzecz (Meseritz) area of the province of Lubuskie, Poland. It is the location of a truly splendid Baroque church (minor basilica) dedicated to ‘Our Lady of Rokitno’ dating back to the mid 18th century; and probably the most important sanctuary and shrine (Sanktuarium) in western Poland. A painting of the Virgin Mary dating back to the 16th century can be seen in the main altar of the church. Just outside of the village is a unique pilgrims trail linking a series of twenty eight outdoor shrines.

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