Rosol / Polish Chicken Soup

Rosol or thin chicken soup is a staple of many Polish kitchens and has acquired the reputation of a folk remedy for colds and flus.

rosol chicken soup

Here is how we make Rosol (traditional Polish Chicken Soup) in our household. Different Polish families will vary this recipe somewhat. Some households even make Rosol by using a chicken stock cube and leave out the actual chicken! Many boil a whole chicken instead of using wings. Others use kluski instead of the fine pasta, which we always use. Some add onion. Others yet add ground almonds to their rosół.

Rosol Ingredients

•4 or 5 chicken wings.
•4 or 5 carrots
•4 or 5 Allspice berries
•fresh parsley
•fine pasta (noodles)
•garlic cloves (optional)


Fill a saucepan with cold water. Add chicken and bring to a boil.
Add allspice, salt, pepper.
Simmer for about an hour.
Remove the chicken from the pan. Remove the bones and skin and return the meat to the pot.
Add carrots and parsley and simmer for another 30 minutes.

Boil fine pasta until soft. Drain.

Add pasta to the bowl you are going to eat from. Add chicken soup. Serve. Smacznego!

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