rzeszow bahnhof pl

An old photograph of the railway station in Rzeszow, Poland, c.1910.

Rzeszów is a city in and capital of the Podkarpackie Province of south-east Poland.

nowy rynek rzeszow

An old picture postcard image of Nowy Rynek and plac Wolności in Rzeszów, Poland, c.1911.

Some things you may not know about Rzeszow:
- In 1939 around one third of the inhabitants of Rzeszow were Jewish.
- Most of the Jews of Rzeszow were placed in a ghetto by the Germans and later taken to the death camp in Belzec or shot in the forests north of Rzeszow. The numbers of Rzeszow Jews killed by the Germans in this way is believed to be in excess of 12,000.
- In 1941 the Germans renamed the city Reichshof.

rzeszow rynek pl

The monument to Tadeusz Kościuszki in the Rynek (Market) area of Rzeszow in the 1920s.

Other random trivia connected with Rzeszów:
- Rzeszow was liberated from Nazi occupation in early August 1944.
- The River Wisłok, a tributary of the River San flows through the city.
- The current official population of Rzeszów is 188,000.


A photograph of the railway station in Rzeszów in early 1940. Note the large numbers of German soldiers.

See some archive images of 1970s Rzeszów.

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