Salzbrunn / Szczawno Zdroj

Three pre-war pictures of Bad Salzbrunn, Silesia, since 1945, Szczawno-Zdroj, Poland.

Bad Salzbrunn Silesia

The Elise Hall (Elisenhalle) in Bad Salzbrunn, Silesia, now Szczawno Zdroj, Poland, c.1930.

Bad Salzbrunn / Ober Salzbrunn into Szczawno-Zdrój

At the end of the Second World War, Bad Salzbrunn / Ober Salzbrunn became part of to the Republic of Poland under the terms of the Potsdam Agreement. The German population who had not already fled the Soviet army was expelled and the town renamed Szczawno-Zdrój.

Bad Salzbrunn

An old picture postcard of Bad Salzbrunn (Szczawno-Zdrój), Schlesien, c.1911.

Szczawno-Zdroj today

Szczawno-Zdrój (Bad Salzbrunn / Ober Salzbrunn) is a spa town in the Lower Silesian Voivodeship, of south-west Poland. Its current population is just over 5,000.

BAd Salzbrunn Ober Salzbrunn

The Grand Hotel in Bad Salzbrunn / Ober Salzbrunn, Silesia, c.1912.

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