Information on and images of the village of Santok, near Gorzów, Lubuskie, Poland.

santok storks

A photograph of White Storks in a nest built on the top of a telegraph pole in Santok, Lubuskie, Poland.

Some things that may interest anyone in search of information on Santok:
- Archaeological excavations have shown that settlement here dates back to at least the late 7th century.
- The German name for Santok is Zantoch.
- Following floods in the 18th century all housing was relocated to the higher north bank of the River Warta.
- The River Notec meets with the River Warta in the the village.
- Santok is home to a fascinating museum with an archaeological exhibition based on findings obtained from excavations, which took place here after the war.
- The current population of Santok is just under 900.
- Santok is home to a marina, railway station, bus station, several shops, a Land Rover 4×4 service garage, and has its own health centre. Additionally, an interesting river ferry can be taken from Santok across the Warta.
- Santok is renowned nationally for the large number of white storks that nest both in the village itself and throughout the wider area.

An interactive map of the Santok area of Lubuskie in western Poland.

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