Schubin / Szubin

Schubin Szubin Poland

A selection of pre-war images of Schubin / Szubin, which is located just south-west of Bydgoszcz, in Poland.

Schubin Szubin

Schubin into Szubin

Until the re-establishment of Poland after the Second World War, the town was part of Prussia, Germany, and named Schubin. At the end of 1918 it became part of Poland and was renamed Szubin.

Szubin posen

1939 – 1945

In September 1939 Szubin was occupied by German troops and was incorporated into the Nazi Reich as part of Warthegau and once again named Schubin. During the Second World War a German Oflag prisoner of war camp for French, Polish, Soviet, and later, American officers was established in Schubin (Szubin), which was at that time occupied by Nazi Germany. The town was taken by Soviet troops in late January 1945 and once more returned to Poland.

szubin schubin

A German military band playing in the main square (Rynek) area of Schubin / Szubin, c.1941.

Szubin today

Szubin is a small town with a population of around 9,000. It is located in the Kuyavian-Pomeranian province of Poland.

szubin poland

A picture postcard from Szubin, Poland, c.1988. Features the ruins of the old castle, main street, and church.

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