Schwiebus / Swiebodzin

Świebodzin Schweibus

A beautiful picture postcard of a steam train at the railway station in Schwiebus / Świebodzin around 1903; and three other old images of pre-war Świebodzin from our archive of all things Polish and Poland!

schwiebus swiebodzin de

A very early lithographic picture postcard of Schwiebus / Swiebodzin, c.1899.

Schwiebus  Świebodzin Barndenburg

Neue Strasse (Ulica 30 Stycznia) in Schwiebus / Świebodzin, c.1910.

schwiebus pl Świebodzin

An old image of the center of Schwiebus / Świebodzin, c.1930.

On the 31st January 1945 the town of Schwiebus was occupied by Red Army troops and shortly after the existing population was expelled to the west of the new Oder-Neisse border, which now divides Poland from Germany. Poles, many of whom had also been displaced from areas now lost to Ukraine, moved in to Schwiebus and the town was renamed Świebodzin.

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