Horst / Niechorze

Three old pictures of Horst, Pomerania, since 1945, Niechorze, Poland.

Seebad Horst

A photographic postcard of a fisherman and his wife outside their traditional fisherman’s house in Horst, c.1911.

Seebad Horst Pommern

A superb photograph of two windmills in the Seebad Horst area of Pommern (Pomerania), c.1933.

Seebad Horst Niechorze

A photograph of bathing huts on the beach in Seebad Horst in the 1930s. Click on image to enlarge.

Niechorze (Horst / Horst-seebad) is a fishing village and seaside resort located on the Baltic Sea coast of Poland. Its current population is around 900. Niechorze is not a large place but it is one of our favourite seaside resorts. We’ve even found amber on the beach. Twice!

Nearby places: Gryfice (Greifenberg), Lędzin (Lensin), Rewal (Rewahl)

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