Sękacz Cake

Sekacz (The Tree Cake)

Polish Sękacz Cake

Sekacz is a cake that reminds one of a tree! It is baked on a spit and due to the method used in its baking has, when cut, visible tree-like layers of rings. The finished cake is either eaten plain or covered with icing sugar or a chocolate glaze.

Typically a Sekacz cake includes only the ingredients: butter, eggs, sugar, vanilla, salt, and flour. Polish housewives sometimes produce a horizontal version of Sękacz, which isn’t quite as complex to bake.

In Poland Sękacz cake is often eaten at Easter or Christmas and at other celebrations such as weddings, birthdays and name days.

Polish Sekacz cake is similar to Baumkuchen (in Germany), Spettekaka (in Sweden) and Bankuchenas (in Lithuania).

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