Sieradz Poland

An old picture postcard of Sieradz sent in 1916 to Breslau (Wroclaw). Click image to see a larger version.

Sieradz is a town on the Warta river in central Poland with a population of around 40,000.

sieradz poland

An old image of soldiers outside the church in Sieradz, near Lodz, Poland, c.1917.

sieradz polen

A personal photograph of German soldiers in Sieradz, Polen, c.1943. Note the interesting signposts.

sieradz lodz

A picture postcard from Sieradz, near Lodz, c.1944. Sieradz was known as Sieradsch between 1939 and 1945.

sieradz prl

A promotional photograph of the Rynek area of Sieradz during the PRL (Communist) era, c.1970.

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