Images of Sierpc in Poland through time

sierpc poland

Pictures of a husband and wife from the Sierpc region dressed in traditional dress, c.1907.


A view of the small town of Sierpc in Poland as it looked around 1910.

The town of Sierpc is located in the province of Mazowieckie in central-east Poland.

sierpc polska

An early photograph of people in the main square (Rynek) in Sierpc, Poland, c.1919.

Did you know that:
- The Yiddish name for Sierpc was Sheps.

sierpc plock

A photograph of a street in Sierpc, near Plock, Poland, c.1939.

Some other things you may not know about Sierpc in Poland:
- Around half of the residents of Sierpc were Jewish until the Second World War.
- Sierpc was called Sichelberg betwen 1939 and 1945.
- What remains of the town’s Jewish cemetery can be found on the bank of the river Sierpienica.
- Sierpc is a railway junction town with lines connecting it with Nasielska, Torun, Plock and Brodnica.
- Sierpc has a rather fine Open Air Museum (Skansen) -the Museum of Mazovian villages.
- Sierpc currently has a population of around 18,000.

sierpc polen

The town hall and museum in Sierpc, Polen, c.1970.

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