Sonnenburg / Slonsk

sonnenburg slonsk

A lithograph postcard from 1899 of Sonnenburg in East Brandenburg,.

Three early picture postcards of Sonnenburg in what was at the point in history part of the Oststernberg county of East Brandenburg / Neumark, Germany. Since 1945 it has been called Slonsk and is part of Poland.

Sonnenburg Slonsk

Sonnenburg on a picture postcard posted to Frankfurt an der Oder in 1903.

Sonnenburg was captured by the Soviet Red Army at the end of the Second World War and following the decisions made at the Potsdam Conference was transferred to Poland and renamed Słońsk.

This renaming of locations and expulsion of population occurred throughout former German territories awarded to Poland in 1945. Homes and property were taken by settlers from central Poland and by Poles who had themselves been expelled from Kresy Wschodnie, which had itself become part of Ukraine as a result of the redrawing of borders at the same conference.

During the Second World War, Slonsk was the site of a former Nazi concentration camp.

sonnenburg slonsk

A postcard from the 1910s of a general view of Sonnenburg (Slonsk), in what was Ost-Sternberg county.

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