Sopot / Zoppot

Three photographic picture postcards of Sopot (Zoppot in German), Poland.

seebad zoppot sopot

Prince Wilhelm and Prince Louis Ferdinand of Prussia on the beach in Zoppot before the First World War.

zoppot sopot poland

A photograph with Nazi flags flying on a jetty in Zoppot (Sopot), in 1941. Click on picture to see more detail.

Zoppot Sopot

A photograph of the German ship, Prussia, docking at Zoppot (Sopot) in 1941. Click to enlarge image.

Sopot is a seaside town in Eastern Pomerania on the southern coast of the Baltic Sea in northern Poland. It’s current population is approximately 40,000. It is located between the larger cities of Gdansk (Danzig) to the southeast and Gdynia to the northwest. The three cities together make up the metropolitan agglomeration of Trójmiasto (Tri-City).

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