Sorau / Zary

sorau zary lubuskie

The market square in Sorau / Zary, in former Lausitz, Germany, now, Lubuskie, Poland.

Three pre-war pictures of Sorau in former Silesia / Lausitz, since, the end of World War Two, Sorau has been named Zary and is part of the province of Lubuskie in Western Poland.

sorau zary lebus

A photograph of Bahnhofstrasse (railway street) in Sorau (Zary), Lebus, in 1920.

Sorau into Zary

As a result of the Potsdam Conference and the adoption of the Oder-Neisse border in 1945, Sorau, which had been part of Lausitz and East Brandenburg, was renamed Zary, and the town became part of Poland.

sorau zary lausitz

A photograph of shops in Oberstrasse in Sorau (Zary) in 1941.

Zary today

Żary is a town in the Lubuskie Voivodeship of western Poland. It’s population is currently just under 40,000.

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