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The Bison (Zubr) monument in Spala, Poland, c.1935. This was moved from its original location in Warsaw in 1928.

Old images of the village of Spala / Spała in the Lodz province of central Poland.


A photograph of boy scouts in a boat in Spała, near Lodz, Poland, c.1935.

A rather grand hunting lodge (Palace) built by Tsar Nicholas II of Russia once stood in Spala. Prominent visitors and residents over history included the Tsar and his family, Rasputin, Jozef Pilsudski, Johannes Blaskowitz, Heinrich Himmler, and Adolf Hitler. It was looted and vandalised by the local population after the withdrawal of German forces and then later in 1945 burnt down as a symbol of imperialism. Only the foundations are now visible.

During the communist period Spala became a holiday resort run by the state-run FWP (Employee Holiday Fund) organisation, and continues to this day as a popular tourist attraction with several interesting events put on throughout the year.

spala scouting poland

A commemorative postcard issued during the international scouting event organised in Spala in 1935.

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