Speedway in Poland

Speedway meetings have been held in Poland since the 1930s and today is one of the most popular sports in Poland.

speeedway poland

A speedway programme from 1973 of a match between Great Britain and Poland in Rybnik.

The highest speedway league in Poland is ‘Speedway Ekstraliga’ and currently involves the teams: Stal Gorzów; Wybrzeze Gdańsk; Wlokniarz Częstochowa; Polonia Bydgoszcz; Start Gniezno; Unia Leszno; Polonia Piła; Stal Rzeszow; ROW Rybnik; Unia Tarnow; KS Torun; Sparta Wrocław; and ZKS Zielona Góra.

Poland has produced two Individual World Champions of Speedway – Jerzy Szczakiel in 1973 and Tomasz Gollob who won in 2010. The Polish national speedway team has one the world championships more than 25 times!

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